Can you explain what you mean by “postmodern pluralism”? Because, as far as I understand that phrase, it has very little to do with my argument.

But, to answer your question, yes — that’s the whole point. The paradoxical self-contradiction of statements like “knowledge can never be absolute” represents the intersection between the Liar Paradox, the Knowability Paradox, and an interpretation of Gödel’s theorem that suggests a necessary incompleteness of axiomatic systems. In other words, logical systems seem to be incapable of perfectly describing themselves. It doesn’t mean that there’s no truth in the universe, just that there are limits to perspective-based information processing (e.g. human perception is finite).

And thanks for reading! I appreciate your interest :)

Author of Organumics: An Epigenetic Re-Framing of Consciousness, Life, and Evolution.

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