Pete Buttigieg And Politically Motivated Racial Outrage

His tenure as mayor of a city with black residents is his only weakness

Image Credit: Lucy Hewitt, NPR
Mayor Pete Buttigieg talking to protesters in his home town of South Bend after the shooting of Eric Logan.

It’s convenient to push the narrative that Buttigieg has unresolved racial justice issues, but the data doesn’t support the claim made by Linsey Davis in the New Hampshire debate. In fact, after Mayor Pete took office in 2012, the number of black individuals arrested for marijuana possession steadily decreased each year. If you want to blame Mayor Pete Buttigieg for the problems in his city, then you need to give him credit where credit is due.

The raw number of arrests by race across time in South Bend. For example, 120 black people were arrested in South Bend for marijuana possession in 2013. Data Source: FBI Crime Data Explorer
This graph represents the normalized number of Black or African American arrests per 100,000 people in the U.S., Indiana, and South Bend. Data Source: FBI Crime Data Explorer
Image Credit: NBC News

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