Your logic is sound, but not valid. You seem intelligent enough to realize that the phrase “you’re too daft to realize it” is a logical fallacy known as an ad hominem — literally a personal attack.

And this article has nothing to do with COVID-19. It’s derived from a book I wrote in 2017, long before the public had any notion of this pandemic.

It seems to me that you’re used to being ridiculed online, but I won’t play that game with you. I appreciate the link you’ve shared, and you may be surprised that we don’t disagree. I don’t explicitly mention Bechamp in my book, but he would approve of Organumics, because Chapter 9 is a refutation of the germ theory of disease and the book as a whole is a refutation of cellular theories of life. Here’s a brief excerpt from page 133:

…this book has homed in on a very specific definition of life: a process that self-sustains and organizes disorder into order… It is becoming a popular idea in medicine and healing that every single disease — no exceptions — is caused by a disruption of homeostasis. This means that “curing” diseases is quite literally restoring balance to one or more organismal processes.

I’ve reinstated your original comment, and I’d appreciate it if you could add your citations to it. Despite your assumption, it doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree with your sources. It’s more important to me that you show where your information comes from.

Thank you.

Author of Organumics: An Epigenetic Re-Framing of Consciousness, Life, and Evolution.

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